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All About the Accessories + Four Outfits

Somewhat of an optical challenge today – four looks focusing on red and beige colors!

Highlighting the best of winter, I’m pulling out all of my favorites!  Red and beige are such classic colors, and especially for winter, they create so many timeless looks.  One of my best investments this fall/winter… this maxi beige coat!  It fits like a glove (petite-friendly!), super tailored, and the long length is very flattering.  Another favorite piece is this beige bag and red bag.  They both are such beautiful colors that work well with fall/winter and spring/summer outfits.

To showcase the power of accessories, below are four outfits with the first one being Beige bag + Beige shoes, second being Beige bag + Red shoes, third being Red bag + Beige shoes, and last one being Red bag + Red shoes.

The different color combos really give a different feel to each outfit.  To me, the Beige + Beige combo feels very smooth and soft like a tasty warm latte on a cold winter’s day.  The Beige + Red combo feels strong yet delicate.


The Red + Beige combo above looks sleek and crisp, and last but not least, the Red + Red combo below feels vibrant and powerful.  All of the looks are anchored by red and beige tones using classic items that will last season after season.

I hope you like the different styling today!  Which one is your favorite –
1. Beige bag + Beige shoes, 2. Beige bag + Red shoes, 3. Red bag + Beige shoes, or 4. Red bag + Red shoes?

Have a great holiday everyone!  Wishing you endless happiness and love this holiday season.  As always, thank you so much for reading!

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